Canterbury Academy

The Canterbury Academy is an academy school in Canterbury, Kent, England. It is a specialist Sports College and 15% of its 1080 pupils are selected on musical aptitude

Project Description - Canterbury Academy Recording Studio


A professional recording studio was needed to enhance their existing facilities. The following criteria was set:

  • Complete turnkey package to build recording studio in existing building on campus 
  • To include acoustic design and testing
  • All services to be included in contract
  • To achieve maximum performance, complete studio to be built on professional anti-vibration mounts. Control room, live room and entrance foyer all to be independently isolated acoutically and for fire protection.
  • To be completed in 8 weeks
  • Sound insulation testing and internal acoustic testing and report on completion
  • RT60 and sound insulation to meet industry requirements


Phase 1 - Construction

Phase 2 - Testing

  • Job 1
  • Job 2
  • Job 3



Name of company





Project budget

£ X million

Finished Recording Studio

Robust for student use / practical and safe


Did the finished result reflect the client's criteria set out at planning stage? Yes!


In fact, both sound insulation and RT60 exceeded the expectations.


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